What about purgatory?


After speaking on the existence of truth in my last post, I had intended to follow up today with a discussion of how we know that truth does in fact exist. While this may seem obvious to some, the notion that truth exists (or perhaps better stated – that there is only one TRUE truth) is being challenged more and more frequently these days.

However, one of my goals with this blog was to provide answers to questions that I get asked and I received a good one the other day.  The question was about the passage in Matthew 18: 23-35 and whether this supports the Catholic doctrine of purgatory. For those of you unfamiliar with the passage, you can view it here.  The following was my response: Continue reading “What about purgatory?”

Aren’t all religions the same?


I thought a good place to begin would be to look at the common claim that “all religions basically say the same thing.” There’s a few variations of this claim such as “all religions are just different paths to the same god” or “all religions lead to heaven by different paths, ” etc.

While this sounds appealing at first (especially in our current culture that prizes tolerance and acceptance above almost all else) this claim really shows a lack of understanding regarding the many different religions that exist today. Continue reading “Aren’t all religions the same?”

Hello World!

Hello world! I suppose that the most appropriate way to start this is to tell you who I am, why I’m blogging and what I plan to write about.

My name is Jeremy and I am unashamed to say that I am a Christian. Now, most of you who are reading this currently are either friends or family and you probably know this about me already, but for those of you who aren’t or don’t, please don’t tune me out so quickly. Continue reading “Hello World!”