What Happens in a World Without God

I was driving to work when I first heard the news of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. Two things sprang to mind upon hearing of the heinous actions of Stephen Paddock. First was grief as I prayed for those involved or who lost loved ones. Second was the question, ‘how can things like this happen?’ A few days later, while listening to the news, the father of one of the victims hit the nail on the head. When asked the same question I asked his simple reply said it all, “we live in a godless society.”       Continue reading “What Happens in a World Without God”

Do Natural Disasters Disprove God?

Why does God allow earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis, wildfires, and other natural disasters? Three recent hurricanes have caused widespread destruction in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Puerto Rico. A major earthquake in Mexico City also caused widespread devastation. Disasters like these leave many people questioning God’s purpose, or His existence. If God’s original creation was good, why do natural disasters occur at all?      Continue reading “Do Natural Disasters Disprove God?”

Happy Blog-a-versary! A Look Back

Hello readers new and old alike. This blog has special meaning to me. It was exactly one year ago today that I took a leap of faith and started my own blog. Encouraged after having graduated an apologetics training seminar, and a little overconfident, I thought, “how hard could it be?” Well, I’ve learned a lot in the last year! I want to thank every person who’s taken time at some point to read what I had to say.        Continue reading “Happy Blog-a-versary! A Look Back”

Is Religion a Science Stopper?

You’d never know it from talking to my high school science teachers, but I really enjoy science. It’s definitely grown on me since the days of homework, labs, and exams. Now days you’ll often find me reading scientific articles for fun. For some, this raises an interesting question: as a committed Christian can my faith be united with my love of science?  Does believing in God mean turning a blind eye to modern science? The bulk of mainstream science today tells us that religion is a science stopper, but is that really the case?     Continue reading “Is Religion a Science Stopper?”

When Did We Stop Listening to Each Other?

Much to my wife’s chagrin, I enjoy watching apologetics debates. There are times when I’ve watched a two or three hour debate, then started another! (Yes, a brief glimpse into my social life!). I enjoy the point and the counter-point, the thesis and the rebuttal, and especially the audience questions. I appreciate being challenged by a wide range of scholarly views and will admit, there’s times when the arguments go WAY over my head! While my obsessive debate watching may be a cause for concern among some, it raises an interesting question. In a culture that’s increasingly divided, why are so many people simply unwilling to listen to the other side now days?      Continue reading “When Did We Stop Listening to Each Other?”