Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Fall is in the air, leaves are turning, and it’s definitely getting colder. With October drawing to a close, and stores stocked with decorations, it’s a natural time to consider Halloween. What are the origins of Halloween? Is it an innocent evening of fun, or are there darker dimensions to it? Can Christians celebrate Halloween or would we be better off sitting this one out?     Continue reading “Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?”

What Happens in a World Without God

I was driving to work when I first heard the news of the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas. Two things sprang to mind upon hearing of the heinous actions of Stephen Paddock. First was grief as I prayed for those involved or who lost loved ones. Second was the question, ‘how can things like this happen?’ A few days later, while listening to the news, the father of one of the victims hit the nail on the head. When asked the same question I asked his simple reply said it all, “we live in a godless society.”       Continue reading “What Happens in a World Without God”