A Final Response to Dan Barker – Is the Bible Trustworthy?

The Bible is unparalleled among ancient texts. No other work from history comes close to having the amount of backing the Bible has. We have more manuscripts, earlier manuscripts, and better attested to manuscripts supporting the Bible than we do for any other historical text. No other work has withstood 2,000 years of scrutiny like the Bible has. Yet the challenges keep coming. Should Christians be concerned? Can we trust the Word of God or is it simply a collection of fabricated stories?    Continue reading “A Final Response to Dan Barker – Is the Bible Trustworthy?”

A Reply to Dan Barker Part 3 – What Caused God?

What do an iPhone, a laptop, and  a car, all have in common? They’re all created objects that didn’t cause their own existence. Based on the complexity of these things we know that an intelligent agent made them. Our everyday experience tells us that things don’t simply “pop” into existence. Whatever begins to exist needs a cause. This is known as the law of causality. This is also the first premise of the cosmological argument for the existence of God. In his book “godless” Dan Barker turns this premise on God Himself asking, “What caused God?” Is this a valid question? Did Barker negate a central argument for God’s existence?   Continue reading “A Reply to Dan Barker Part 3 – What Caused God?”