Darwin Never Played With Legos

In my last post, I covered the basics of cell biology and explained how the odds are stacked against the first living cell coming about by chance and natural processes. I apologize if it brought back any painful memories of high school or college biology classes but thank you for sticking with me! This post will be a little more light-hearted and involves playing with Legos (something I still enjoy even at 34)!   Continue reading “Darwin Never Played With Legos”

The Goo to You Via the Zoo? Cell Biology Answers Back.

What is one of the greatest challenge to the theory of evolution? What field of study stands completely at odds with what so many of us were taught in school? It turns out to be cellular biology. I’ve been doing some research lately and I’ve become fascinated by what I see as some of the strongest proof in support of a divine Creator. I’m going to start this series by laying a little ground work. Please stick with me because along the way I’m going to share a very revealing demonstration of this that involves playing with Legos and kitchen utensils.    Continue reading “The Goo to You Via the Zoo? Cell Biology Answers Back.”