Finding (and not finding) Answers in the Bible

I’m not a fan of electrical work. I’ve have enough jolts over the years to learn that I wasn’t meant to be an electrician. When I recently needed some extra outlets installed in my garage, I was very willing to allow my father in law to step in. Although he’s not an electrician, he’s well practiced in small electrical jobs. But here’s the catch, if I asked my father in law to explain detailed electrical theory, such as Ohm’s Law, he probably couldn’t do it. Does that mean I should discount his ability to do electrical work?     Continue reading “Finding (and not finding) Answers in the Bible”

The Difference Between Approval and Accurate Recording in the Bible

I recently had an interesting discussion about what’s approved of by God and the Bible. The objection went something like this: “Why would you look to the Bible? God approves of all sorts of errant behaviors like polygamy (multiple marriage partners) and child sacrifices. I wouldn’t follow a God who approves of those things.” While I couldn’t deny that those types of behaviors were recorded in the Bible, there’s an important distinction that I needed to point out: The Bible (and God) does not approve of everything it accurately records.    Continue reading “The Difference Between Approval and Accurate Recording in the Bible”

The Power of Testimony

Think about an experience that you’ve had that not only changed your way of looking at things, but that changed you as a person as well. These types of events in our lives – and there are many – shape who we are and how we interact with others. We become living examples of our experiences. Anyone who has chosen to follow Jesus will be changed by that decision in a very real way. The change that takes place in us is very real evidence of the truthfulness of Christianity powerfully expressed.     Continue reading “The Power of Testimony”