What’s the point of miracles?


History in the making – the Cubs may win their first World Series in over 110 years. I can see news headlines touting the miracle season, but would this actually qualify as a miracle? What makes a miracle unique, what purpose does a miracle serve, and why don’t we see miracle’s today? Despite what countless numbers of diehard Cubs fans might say, their winning the Series won’t be a miracle (if however, the Mariners someday win the Series, we might indeed be approaching the miraculous!) Let’s take a closer look at what miracles are, and what they aren’t.   Continue reading “What’s the point of miracles?”

Why miracles are possible


Look out your window, something undeniably exists today…….so far so good right? I don’t believe I’m in danger of much argument so far. The question is, how did this something get here? I have two young children and even though we are careful about what they watch, they watch a fair number of kid’s movies. While many of these movies are entertaining, I reject the notion that frogs can turn into princes, that there are far away magic kingdoms, or that a little fairy dust is all you need to make anything possible. The reason that I reject these things is quite simple, not only is there no evidence that these things can happen, there is a good deal of evidence against things like that occurring. Even if I were to someday meet a talking frog, my first reaction (well, probably my second) would be to look for a rational explanation. That being said, I wholeheartedly believe in the miracle accounts recorded in the Bible-how can this be?   Continue reading “Why miracles are possible”

The Bible story without the Bible


My last post was about looking at the Bible in a different light, namely, as a collection of historical documents recording events that took place in history. While this may have raised an eyebrow or two or even caused a few people to take a more critical look into the accounts recorded in the Bible, many people will sadly continue to dismiss the Bible as a collection of fairy tales and nothing more. While very few critics, and virtually no serious scholars, would make the claim that Jesus never actually existed, the common argument today is that His disciples made up their story in order to turn Jesus into God. I would ask any of you who feel this way to stop for a moment and consider if this really makes sense.   Continue reading “The Bible story without the Bible”

The Bible is history


The Odyssey, The Iliad, Oedipus Rex, The Conquest of Gaul, Letters from a Stoic, The Bible. Of these six books I would feel fairly confident that everyone reading this list focused in on one – The Bible. This in and of itself tells us something unique about the Bible-namely that of these six books of antiquity, the Bible stands apart in its modern day impact. Another way in which the Bible stands apart from these other books is in the emotional connection it has on readers today. Why is it that of these books the Bible is the only one that can stir either passion or animosity, hope or hostility in a way the others simply can’t?  Continue reading “The Bible is history”

When Christians doubt

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Have you ever doubted anything in your life? Of course you have, we all have – be it big or small, significant or insignificant, we all have doubts. There are days when I doubt my abilities as a parent, there are projects at work or obstacles in life that at times I doubt I can accomplish. But what about Christianity? As a Christian can you or I have doubts and, further still, can we admit that we have doubts? Does having doubts make us less committed or less of a believer?  Continue reading “When Christians doubt”